Reflections on the Word of God


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Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”  –Matthew 6:34


Worrying about stuff seems to be our national pastime.  Some people are worried about whom the next president is going to be and what direction they are going to take our country in.  Some are worried if they are going to have enough money to cover the bills and put food on the table.  Still others are worried if that mysterious growth is cancer or not.  Personally I am worried if I will ever be well enough to go back to work and if I do go back to work what career path do I take?  The thing is we may be worried about different things but we are all worried about something.


The problem with worrying about things is that it is self-centered.  Many places in the Bible it says “Do not worry” because God wants us to focus on Him.  If we are worrying about things, we are focusing on ourselves and not on Him.  Jesus’ own disciples worried about things.  In the New Testament we read of a time when there was a storm at sea, and the disciples were calling out to God for help.  They were worried that they were going to drown.  But Jesus didn’t let them He walked on the water through the storm to reach them.  It wasn’t until Jesus got to the boat that He calmed the storm.  He allowed the storm to happen so that the disciples would have to depend on Him.  That’s how it is with our lives as well.  Jesus wants us to depend on Him and not on ourselves.  Jesus wants us to give Him all of our worries.  He is big enough to handle all of our cares and concerns.  So the next time you are worried about something, give it to God through prayer.  He will take care of whatever issue you are facing.  God will answer your prayers, but the answers will be in His way and in His timing. –E.C.

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