Reflections on the Word of God


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Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.                   – Hebrews 11:1

My wife and I recently completed an online course from Dallas Theological Seminary covering Genesis.  In one of the sessions the faith of the 4 main Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph was summed up in the following ways.  Abraham would trust God as long as he had direction from God. Isaac would trust God as long as he was forced into it. Jacob would trust God as long as he could scheme a solution to his problems. Joseph would trust God for anything.

So I started thinking about how my faith could be summed up.  Naturally I want to say that I am like Joseph and will trust God for everything in my life; but if I am truly honest I would have to say that I am more like a combination of the other 3.  Like Abraham I trust God only when I have clear direction in what He wants me to do, otherwise I am looking out for myself.  Like Isaac as long as things are going good I can manage on my own, and will only trust God if I am “backed into a corner.” Finally like Jacob, if I can’t figure out a way on how to deal with a problem on my own then I have a hard time trusting God to deal with that same problem.  It made me sad to realize that my faith is not as strong as it should be and in fact it is rather weak.  What gives me hope is that even with their weak faith these men were still honored by God.

God wants us to soar in our lives but we need to trust Him, personally I need to take the risk and trust that He has it all in control.  Far too often I base my faith on what has happened in the past but I can’t look at it that way.  Although my faith is rooted in the past I have to focus on my future with God.  If I factor God into my faith, the future will always look different.  I have realized that if I want to grow in my faith then I need to live in what can be described as an Eschatological Reality, that is, I need to live my life in the light of the realities that are only possible given the reality of God.  So let me ask you “How is your faith?” –E.C.

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